Why us

Not just an ordinary homoeopathic clinic but the most advanced and trusted homoeopathic clinic….

  • Success story

    More than 25000 patients have been benefitted by our treatment and the numbers are growing day by day….

  • Painless treatment

    In today’s hectic and stressful life, complex diseases are on rise. Here, modern medicines don’t come to your rescue. But do not lose hope, we are there to provide you with our most reliable, effective and painless and specialised homoeopathic line of treatment

  • Reliable and Effective treatment

    Our homoeopathy is safe (without any side effects) and cost effective for you and your family

  • Research

    After an exhaustive research and thousand of man hours we have evolved a specialised line of treatment integrating modern age concepts of medicine, nutrition, genetics and homoeopathy.

  • Customised treatment

    Dr. Vijay Bhatt and his team provide a specialised line of treatment for every patient. We give ample time to our patient and understand him as an individual. Before starting treatment we do a complete case taking to perceive patient through his “mental, physical, emotional and social environment”. Hence, we understand patient as an individual and treat his disease and remove it from its root. Therefore, we provide a long last relief in all kinds of acute and chronic diseases

  • Rapid treatment

    We believe in delivering results in the quickest possible time. All our successfully treated patients have admitted that we have changed their concept of homoeopathy as being too slow in action. At time, our patients have experienced that our homoeopathy works faster than any other system of medicine in all kind of acute and chronic diseases

  • Safe treatment

    We do not put our patient under a spell of newer disease in the process of treating old illnesses.

  • Counselling

    We conduct counselling sessions for children, adolescents, pre-marital and post marital. We counsel our patients for fighting all odds in life and help them to overcome different types of stress. This enables them to enjoy a healthy and happy life forever.

  • Celebrating Life

    We are the only clinic in Gujarat that is specialized in treating patients of infertility through our unique module of homoeopathic treatment. We have evolved a specialized line of treatment for all kind of acute and chronic diseases, to give most effective and long lasting relief to patients. With grace of God, Dr. Vijay Bhatt is a master of understanding and perceiving constitutional weakness. This enables us to successfully treat present diseases and give protection against illness which can occur in later stages of life of the patient

  • Immunity

    During the course of treatment we even boost the patient’s immunity. All our patients have conveyed that their children who have taken Dr. Vijay Bhatt’s homoeopathic treatment have not suffered from any infections or endemics like malaria, dengue, chikungunya etc



Dr. Vijay Bhatt and his team bring Hope, Health and Happiness for all through homoeopathy. Do visit us to believe us…

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