Specialized Treatment For Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, Developmental Delay

  •  Is your child hyperactive or impulsive ?
  •  Does your child have mood swings or throws temper tantrums ?
  •  Does your child have repetative behaviour ?
  •  Does your child have behavioural problems or conduct disorders ?
  •  Is your child late in learning to talk/walk ?
  •  Does your child talk in single words?
  •  Does your child repeat words or phrases ?
  •  Does your child lag behind than other children of similar age group ?
  •  Does your child have delayed development ?
  •  Is your child mentally challenged?
  •  Does your child have difficulty in school performance ?
  •  Does your child suffer from Down’s syndrome ?

If answer to any of the above question is YES, then don’t wait anymore, just begin with our specialised homoeopathic treatment.

Are you frustrated after spending time, energy and money on different therapies with results below your expectation?

Do not struggle anymore we are there to help you…

Dr. Vijay Bhatt and his team have treated numerous children globally through advanced geno-homoeopathy and constitutional treatment.

We feel honoured to see them living a normal life after our specialised homeopathic treatment.

Parents who have been taking specialised treatment with Dr. Vijay Bhatt for their children are astonished with the excellent result in very short time.

All these parents had dreamt of their children to play and work hand in hand with other children of similar age group. We at our clinic have helped them to live this dream to its fullest.

Gift your child with happy and healthy life through Dr. Vijay Bhatt’s specialised homoeopathic treatment.

A Diagnosed case of autism treated through only homeopathy with mental score improved tremendously.Our specialised treatment gifted the family with healthy happy childhood and parenthood

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