Specialized Treatment For Mental Issues

Mental health is a fine balance of the man with his intelligence, emotions, social, spiritual and environmental influences.

Let us first understand the signs of poor mental health:

  •  Are you always worrying ?
  •  Do you loose your temper easily and often?
  •  Do you have wide fluctuations in your mood from depression to elation, back to depression, which incapacitates you?
  •  Are you continually unhappy without justified cause?
  •  Do you continually dislike being with people?
  •  Are you upset if the routine of your life is disturbed?
  •  Does your child consistently get on your nerves?
  •  Are you “browned off” and constantly bitter?
  •  Are you unable to concentrate because of unrecognised reasons?
  •  Are you troubled by regular insomnia?
  •  Are you afraid without real cause?
  •  Are you always right and the other person always wrong?
  •  Are you having stress regarding inter personal relationships?
  •  Are you suffering from personal or professional dissatisfaction, having stress for the same?
  •  Are you suffering from depression or love failure?
  •  Do you have numerous aches and pain for which no doctor can find a physical cause?

If answer to any of the above question is yes, then think of Dr. Vijay Bhatt’s specialised homoeopathic treatment and counselling to bring hope, health and happiness in your life.

We have successfully managed thousands of patients and enabled them to overcome the challenges of their life and live life to its fullest.

All our patients have admitted that Dr. Vijay Bhatt has brought colours of happiness back into their life.

Dr Vijay Bhatt has rejuvenated and influenced several lives globally encouraged them to be limitless.

Testimony of patients

I was suffering from depression after my menopause. I used to have mood swings, sleeplessness and never felt like talking or meeting anyone. I even had uncontrolled hypothyroidism. I started taking anti-depressants due to which I had tiredness and weakness whole day long. It was frustrating as my family was getting affected with my state of health. Then I consulted Dr. Vijay Bhatt and began his specialised homoeopathic treatment. Dr. Vijay Bhatt’s counselling sessions rejuvenated my life. I started enjoying every moment of my life. I became the same old happy go lucky type of person. I and my family are grateful to Dr. Vijay Bhatt for restoring harmony and happiness back into our lives

Mrs. Uma S.




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