Our Specialized Treatments

Our Best And Specialized Homoeopathic Treatments

Specialized Treatment For Female Infertility

Ovulation problem, fibroid, endometriosis, sexual problems, PCOD, PID, blocked fallopian tube, repeated miscarriages, or unexplained infertility

Specialized Treatment For Male Infertility

Azoospermia, oligospermia, sexual problems, impotency, erectile dysfunction, hormonal disturbances, varicocele, hydrocele, STD

Specialized Treatment For PCOD

Menstrual irregularities, pimples, obesity, hirsutism

Specialized Treatment For Allergies And Infections

Infection: all types of viral/bacteria/fungal/parasitic. for. eg. Tonsilitis, sinusitis, upper respiratory tract infections(URTI), boils, worms,etc. Allergies: Allergic rhinitis, asthma, skin or food allergies etc.Our treatment work as an immunity booster and give long lasting relief from all Allergies and Infection.

Specialized Treatment For Hereditary And Autoimmune Disorders

Psoriasis, Rheumatoid arthritis, alopecia, hypertension, down syndrome, SLE, IBS, etc.

Specialized Treatment For Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, Developmental Delay

We have treated numerous children globally through advanced GENOHOMOEOPATHY and constitutional treatment.

Specialized Treatment For Thyroid Dysfunction

Several patients have become free from hypothyroidism/ hyperthyroidism through our specialized homoeopathic treatment.

Specialized Treatment For Migraine

We shall give you rapid, most effective and long-lasting relief from migraine and also improve your overall health

Specialized Treatment For Mental Issues

Do not get frustrated, do not hesitate, take our specialized homoeopathic treatment and live a healthy and happy life.

Specialized Treatment For Renal Stone

Do not go for surgery, think of more safe and effective specialized homoeopathic treatment for long lasting relief from renal stones.

Specialized Treatment For Children

Instead of burdening your children/angels with frequent antibiotics and compromising with their immunity, take our specialized homoeopathic treatment for all kinds of acute and chronic diseases. Improve their overall health and immunity.

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