Homoeopathy for Child

For the child homoeopathy is like a mother's hand it works so gently & quickly as if a magic band is waved & child is well as if was never sick, this forms the crux of homoeopathy & you have the feeling as if illness never happened.

Homoeopathy can even work wonders for certain ailments commonly seen in children as for e. g.
Recurrent cold and cough,Diarrhea ,Vomiting,Bedwetting,Dentional Complaints Etc

Immunity boosters can be provided for children who take up infections readily.

In stage fear or any other phobias, medicines along with counseling enhances confidence and performance improves multifold.

Here I would like to mention a few examples of some challenging cases where we have given unimaginable results.

Microcephaly, Epilepsy, Dyslexia, Autism, associated with a range of developmental problems, Where intensive & early treatment has made a big difference.

Is your child suffering from any types of major / Minor illness bring him to us we will definitely help you, as we believe that feeling of wellbeing is the most beautiful gift on this earth & it is most gratifying when brought in children who is our tomorrow

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Homoeopathy for Male

Today in our society in spite of having materialistic freedom man is always on the cross road, confused, baffled & victim of his desires & suffers by the end of the day. Hence it is we who understand man throughout its journey with ever changing demands of life, globalization, so called civilization, socio-economic changes, etc.

Homoeopathy gives permanent recovery in any type of disease, seen in adults. Here are few e.g.

1). Certain hardships related to career like Frustration, dissatisfaction, abuse by superiors, intolerance to Injustice, leading to mental trauma reflecting on physical level.

2). Various professional hazards like varicosities, allergies, dermatitis, etc.

3). It is been observed that man in his blind race for fulfilling desires compromises in diet & regimen in turn suffers from Nutritional deficits, Obesity, hypertension, diabetes, High cholesterol, stones, acidity , Ulcers, piles & fissures, etc.

Homoeopathy has proven its efficacy not only in long term illness but also in acute / short term illness; when homoeopathic medicines are given immediately following the exposure it can even abort the development of disease. It is curative in short term illness with no debilitating effects.

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Homoeopathy in Female

We can take care of common problems in pregnancy like.

1. Nausea vomiting
2. Hypertension / hypotension
3. Swelling, Fatigue
4. Avoiding miscarriages & preventing its injurious effects on the woman.

We through homoeopathy make it a point that healthy sperm & ovum meet to form a healthy fetus that grows under favorable environment into a healthy baby.

It is been observed by our patients taking homoeopathic medicines during pregnancy that their babies do not suffer from major derangement of health during their early years of life.

Even medications can be given during delivery to make the process a little smoother ensuring good health of child & mother.

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Homoeopathy in Adults

In old age, individual suffers from different sorts of psychological derangement like loneliness, dependancy, fears, anxiety, depression with no one to understand/care for them. Manias /obsessions, Irrational behaviour, parkinsonism.

Homoeopathic medicines along with our counseling would correct the derangement. Homoeopathic medicines has proven its efficacy in complains related to menopause e.g. Depression, Wt. Gain, increase risk of heart diseases, increase risk of arteriovenous diseases.

Raised blood cholesterol & sugar level, increase risk of cancer, hormonal disturbances.

Even in osteoporosis, homoeopathy provides medicines to improve calcium absorption. Homoeopathy with instructed exercise pattern would yield good results in musculoskeletal disorders.

Another condition commonly seen in elderly man is enlarged prostate, leading to increase frequency of urine, inability for retention of urine, homoeopathic medicines shall arrest the growth of prostate.

Homoeopathy cannot restrain the process of aging but help to immunize the effect of aging as a consequence. One shall be able to enjoy his lifestyle the way he used to beforehand.

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