General Instructions & Guidance For Patients

Homoeopathic History

As we all know that we are not only made up of physical body but a combination of spirituality, mind, emotions, desires, environment, lifestyle, day to day activities & physical body. So we request our esteemed patients to give us complete and thorough history pertaining to all these aspects affecting health of the modern man.

We request you to inform us about your stress, habits, nature, personal / sexual history and all this would be kept confidential.

We request our patients to have at least one body checkup in a year.

Please feel free to communicate and share any of the physical and mental changes (through very minute) that you, your relatives and well-wishers have noticed.

Take regular Homeopathic medicines till the doctor says.

In case of Emergency you can contact us at any time

Maintain your health with regular meal and exercise.

Please follow the Diet and Regimen suggested by Doctor.

Your health is our topmost priority and so we take care that we use the best quality of medicines which are imported from Germany, Switzerland and Internationally reputed Homoeopathic Pharmacies.

We request our esteemed patients to understand your totality of life so that you can be the best judge to understand your disease and remain healthy ever after.

Your words are kept completely confidential so without hesitation communicate with us.

Homoeopathic medicines are prepared from different sources in solutions and the white pills are just the vehicles.

Homeopathic medicines are safe and its efficacy is proven in all stages of life (from any time. Birth to old age, in all types of diseases)

“We are open to holistic approach of treatment i.e. what is best for the patient should be done."

“Understanding, laughter and Homeopathy are best medicines."