Homoeopathic For Adults

Homoeopathy During The Stage Of Adulthood:

Homeopathy rejuvenates, relieves and restores health in various diseases seen in adults.

All forms of psychiatry / psycho-somatic illness-sleep disturbances, behavioral disturbances, depression disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Neurosis, Schizophrenia, etc.

Emotional hurt from loss of near & dear ones, property, love failure, guilt, betrayal, ambition failure, professional stress, etc.

Hypertension/ Hypotension

Hormonal dysfunctions Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, diabetes, obesity

Hyperlipidemia, cholesterol

All sorts of infections & fever

Injuries-sprains, fractures, no healing wounds, burns.

Migraine, Dandruff, Hair fall

Eye complaints-Glaucoma, styles, ulcers

Ear-Otitis, Noises, Tinnitus

Respiratory-Bleeding, polyps, Hay Fever, DNS tonsillitis, Bronchitis, Asthma, Pneumonia, T.B., ARDS

Varicose veins

All types of infections

Anemia or any other nutritional deficiency

GIT- Oesophageal varices, Ulcers, Acidity, Belching, Gas formations, Gastritis, Hiccoughs, Nausea, Womiting, Diarrhoea, Dysentry, piles, fissures, fistula, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS

Jaundice, Pancreatitis, Gall Stones

Urinary complaints-stones, infections

Rheumatism, Arthritis, Spondylitis, Disc prolapse, Frozen shoulder, Gout, Ganglions, Calcaneal spur, varicose veins, sciatica, neuralgias

Brain - Stroke, coma, fainting, vertigo, convulsions, embolism, injuries

Skin - Acne, Pimples, Eczema, Boils, Gangrene Ulcers, worms, urticaria, psoriasis, cysts, moles, warts, leucoderma, herpes, keloids, allergies

Sexual problems - excessive desire, aversion, fear, lasciviousness, masturbation, shameful or perversions of all types

Abuse of psychoactive drugs, anti-depressants, sedatives

Emotional/professional stress