About Us

Dr. Vijay Bhatt

MD Homoeopathy, Professor

Dr. Maitrayee Bhatt

BHMS Lecturer

202, Signature Plaza, Near Haveli, Opp. Ghelani Petrol Pump, Nizampura,
Baroda. M. : 98254 75750, E-mail : dr_vijaybhatt@yahoo.com

Academic Administrative & Management Skills : (Dr. Vijay Bhatt)

He has Post Graduated with honors from Dr. V. H. Dave Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Anand, and is been Awarded M.D. in Homoeopathy from S. P. University for "EFFI CACY OF HOMOEOPATHY IN INFERTILITY" with several documented cases.
He was Academic incharge for the homeopathic college and hospital and thus was looking after the day to day management of hospital & college.
He has successfully published various homoeopathic college magazines for several consecutive years.


He is working as a Professor and is head of Department of Preventive and Social Medicine and is also teaching Homoeopathic Materia Medica with clinical experience of more than 20 years. He is an Examiner of South Gujarat University, North Gujarat & Sardar Patel University; in both Undergraduate & Post Graduate. Moreover, He is also subject expert for selection committee of professors, Readers, Lecturers in Undergraduate & Post Graduate courses He is also conducting many college functions debates and other co-curricular activities with staff members and students.


Has done his M.D. thesis in "Efficacy of Homoeopathy in Infertility".
Has attended & conducted various National / International seminars, CMEs, workshops and webinars.
His Articles are published in Homoeopathy and International Journals based on research & clinical evidences.
He has been closely associated with the world Renowned Dr. R. P. Patel Sir, and thus was actively working with him.
Moreover, He has the privilege to meet/learn with Dr. Kopikar and Dr. Diwan Harishchandra Sir, Who are the legends of the Homoeopathic world.


He is Practicing classical Homoeopathy since 1993.
He is using multiple International software (RADAR, CARA, MAC REPERTORIES) For scientific study, research and clinical application for the betterment of his patients.
He has given his services for various camps during natural calamities, moreover he is also running college OPD.
He has well found theoretical background with an extensive practice experience in serving patients from Gujarat, Maharashtra and even other countries like China U.K. USA Dubai etc.
He has been actively participating in various seminars,workshops & CME's and has trained more than 10 assistant Doctors.

He is the man who believes that Human being is a wonderful unity of Spiritual, Emotional, Mental & Physical aspects each interacting health in a manner of such precision that language cannot describe & thus he is excellent at observing all those signs which the vital energy writes upon the human face, making his expertise in the psychosomatic diseases (Modern world's Blessings !!! / life style disorders).
With the grace of God we (Dr. Vijay Bhatt, Maitrayee Bhatt & team of doctors) have managed and treated more than 5000 patients in our clinic. Kind co-operation of patients, careful observation and our scientific approach has helped our patients for speedy recovery.
We are thankful to all our patients for the faith and confidence they have in us. Their privacy is and would always be respected.
He is a firm believer in freedom of will and wishes all his patients-health and wellbieng through homeopathy.