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Homoeopathy for Child

Fever, Sore throat/Tonsilities, Asthma, All type of allergies, Injury, Accidents...

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Homoeopathy for

Sexual Problems, Impotency, STD, Hydrocele, Prostate-Hypertrophy...

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Homoeopathy for

PID, PCOD, Hirsuitism, Pimples, Obesity, Infertility, STD, Sexual Problems...

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Homoeopathy for

Hyperlipidaemia, Cholestrol, All sorts of infection & fever, Varicose veins...

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Different Dimensions Of Health

1. Good Complexion
2. A Clean Skin
3. Bright Eyes
4. Lustrous Hair
5. Good Appetite

6. Sound Sleep
7. Regular activity of bowel and bladder
8. Normal Or Within Normal Range Blood pressure & exerise tolerance
9. Normal Sex.

Mental Dimension includes:
1. A mentally healthy person is free from internal conflicts and he is not at "war" with himself.
2. He is well adjusted i.e he is able to get along well with others. He accepts criticism and is not easly upset.
3. He searches for identity.

4. He has strong sense of self esteem.
5. He knows himself: his needs,problem and goals(self actualization).
6. He has good self control-balances rationality and emotionality.
7. Knowing
8. Cognition

1. Levels of social skill
2. Levels of social functioning
3. Also taking care of financial matters & maintains positive human enviornment.

1. Air
2. Water
3. Noise
4. Ventilation
5. light

6. Housing Methods
7. Soil
8. All type of waste products
9. In short all type of pollutions.

This dimension refers to that part of the individual which reaches out & strive for meaning & purpose in life, something that transcendes, physiology & psychology it also includes one's , integrity principle, ethics & purpose in life.

1. Vocational dimension does not only mean source of income, it also means adaptation of human goals, capacities and limitations. Work often plays a role in promoting both physical & mental health.
2. Adaptation to Work
3. Improvement in physical capacity
4. Goal achivement
5. Self realization at work
6. Satisfication & enhanced self-esteem. importance of this dimension is exposed when individual suddenly loose there jobs or are faced with mandatory retirement, changes of job & changes of position etc..

Emotional Health relates to all types of feeling like:
1. Happiness to unhappiness
2. Fear & Anxieties
3. Anxiety & conflicts
4. Anger & Hostility
5. Attention & Rejection
6. Love & Disgust
7. Guilty & Determination

8. Sudden events/changes or surprise element
9. Tension
10. Stress
11. Success & Failure
12. Dullness & exitement
13. All types of supressed feelings

A Few other dimensions
1. philosophical dimension
2. cultural dimension
3. Socio-economical Dimension
4. Environmental Dimension

5. Educational Dimension
6. Nutrional Dimension
7. Curative Dimension
8. Preventive Dimension